Roots in the local tradition

In 1945, the cherry harvest was especially abundant in the hills of Vignola.
In their small lab, brothers Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi had an insight:
to make an industrial production out of the family tradition of preserving fruit in alcohol.
So, from cherries in spirit, the Toschi story began.


Fruit and spirit

Initial production focused on cherries in spirit, fruit spirits and fruit liqueurs. Among the local cherry varieties, another product became iconic: the Toschi Amarena, pitted and candied in syrup. Fresh fruit processing also set off the first syrup line. After Toschi Susetta, a plum spirit, 1949 was the year of Cherry Brandy, a liqueur prepared with an infusion of Moretta, the black cherry of Vignola.


Food-Motor Valley Synergy

The friendship between Giancarlo Toschi and Enzo Ferrari gave rise in 1953 to an important partnership between the Toschi and Ferrari brands.
World champion pilot Alberto Ascari was the testimonial of a limited edition gift pack: a miniature of the red F1 race car model containing three bottles of Toschi liqueurs.


Exporting Made in Italy

In 1959, Giancarlo Toschi laid the first stone of the new plant in Savignano sul Panaro (Modena), to this day the company’s headquarters. The Toschi brand entered the global market with initial exports to Germany, United Stated, South America and Australia. In 1969, the production of Toschi Nocino di Modena also began.


Frutta Spiritosa

Vision and flair marked the 1970s, the era of the official launch of a product that holds a lasting iconic status: the Frutta Spiritosa (i.e. Spirited Fruit or Fruti in Spirit). Il jingle “Toschi, la Frutta Spiritosa” risuona nelle prime campagne pubblicitarie sui canali televisivi più importanti dell’epoca.


The sweetness of tradition

The Nocello, an intense and fragrant walnut infusion, joined the range of liqueurs. In 1986, the Topping line was introduced.


The Ciliegia d'Oro Award

With the patronage of the company, in 1981 the Study Centre of Vignola established the Ciliegia d’Oro award, an annual tribute to personalities native of the Emilia region who stand out for merits in the social, cultural, industrial, entrepreneurial, sport or humanitarian field. Some of the winners are Enzo Ferrari (1981), Luciano Pavarotti (1982), Luca di Montezemolo (2000), and Massimo Bottura (2008).


The spirit of Italian tradition

The tradition of fruit liqueurs continued with the creation of Mirtillì and Fragolì, infusions of whole blueberries and wild strawberries and Lemoncello.


Toschi La Gelateria

Investment and expansion of resources for the artisanal gelato sector led to the creation of Toschi La Gelateria, a division dedicated to the production of ingredients and semi-finished items for gelato.


Toschi USA and UK

The success of Toschi products around the world led to the decision of set up
two sales offices outside Italy: Toschi USA in 2016 and Toschi UK in 2017.


Zero+ Drinks

With wholesomeness trends and food awareness spreading, in 2019 Toschi launched the Drinks of the ZERO+ line: preparations for beverages with no added sugar, zero calories and no artificial flavourings.



The KeToschi line, established in 2021, comes from continuous experimentation in the world of gelato. It is an innovative product range for the preparation of ketogenic gelato: low in sugar and rich in fibre.


Spirit and sweetness

In 2022, the Toschi brand was officially recognised as a Historic Brand of National Interest. A phase of renewal and modernisation of the brand image began with the family’s third generation taking on management roles and with the restyling of the most iconic product: Toschi Amarena.


Welcome to Casa Toschi

Casa Toschi opens to the public: a space located just a few metres from the company’s historic headquarters that welcomes both professionals and consumers. In addition to being a store, Casa Toschi is designed to host events and Gelato/Pastry/Mixology demos. The venue is also dedicated to Academy and Incoming activities.


Zero+ Toppings

To meet the growing trend of products reducing excessive consumption of sugar, Toschi created the new Zero+ Toppings line. These garnishing sauces for gelato and desserts are sugar free, rich in fibre and have 50% less calories compared to the standard recipe.

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