Topping Mytopp 200 g

Topping Mytopp 200 g

The range of Toschi Mytopp creamy toppings is dedicated to everyone who to taste delicious ice-creams, fruit cocktails, cakes or milkshakes, enriched and decorated with a touch of imagination, either at home or in the company of friends. Mytopp Toschi comes in caramel, chocolate, strawberry, soft fruit, black cherry and hazelnut flavours, in handy 200g bottles with a handy non-drip top/measuring cap.

The new pack of the Mytopp line, a result of a restyling process, wants to stress, from the label, that these outstanding creams for garnishing have a wide range of uses. News of 2015: Pistachio, Dark Chocolate and Spezialoos.



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