To meet the needs of ice-cream producers, and for all those who love, the "La Gelateria" division offers a range of high-quality products.

Today, just as sixty years ago, only the very best black Amarena cherries are carefully selected stoned and sweetened by Toschi as a garnish for desserts, cakes and 'semifreddi' (ice-cream cakes) and to create very special ice-creams, milkshakes and water-ices.

The range of Toschi Toppings "with its incredible variety of flavours" is the ideal garnish for ice-cream, fruit salads, yogurt, milk shakes, cakes and dessert.

For large retails chains, there is the Mytopp range of toppings.

The Toschi "La Gelateria" division does not only offer Amarena cherries, toppings and variegated sauces, but it also has a wide and extremely high-quality range of products for bases and mixes, the perfect way to produce ice-cream with an unmistakable taste and a supremely creamy texture.


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