Amarena cherry (in syrup) variegated milk cream ice-cream

Ingredients(recipe for a 3 kg ice-cream tub) Toschi T/150 base 150 g Sugar 200-250 g Milk 1 l Toschi amarena cherries and syrup at will Preparation and decoration of amarenacherry (in syrup) variegated milk cream ice-cream Mix the Toschi T/150 Base, the sugar and the milk and pasteurize it. Mix in, if necessary, other noble raw materials (such as double cream, butter, ecc.). Heat the mixture at 85° C, leave it to cool automatically to 4° C and let it mature for about 6/8 hours. The base mixture is ready and the desired quantity can be removed from the pasteurizer to be both flavoured and mounted with butter. After serving the ice-cream, garnish and variegate with Toschi Amarena cherries and Toschi syrup.