Pandoro with Ice Cream and Amarena cherries

1 pandoro
1 kg of vanilla ice cream (or of the taste you like)
Amarena Toschi in Syrup
Cut the Pandoro into horizontal slices, and set aside a third of ice cream for the final decorations.
Wet the base of the pandoro with the cherry syrup, spread the ice cream until it reaches the tips of the star, cover with the other pandoro slice, soak it with the syrup, cover with the ice cream and place the pandora top.
With the ice cream you set aside, make the decorations using a pastry bag with a star spout, and make tufts on the tips of the stars and then on top of the pandora and put on each decoration a Candied Amarena.
Spray the icing sugar over the pandora and decorate the shell with Christmas decorations.
Place in Freezer for at least half an hour before serving.


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