Ice cream with yogurt and Amarena cherry
250 g of white yogurt
(Or coconut taste)
200 ml of fresh cream
80 or 100 g of sugar
Little pieces of Amarena Cherry 
To garnish
Amarene Toschi fruit & syrup
Mint leaves
Crisp "cigars" waffles

Crisp cigars
30 g of flour
20 g of melted butter
30-50 g of sugar
1 albums
Vanilla flavor
A few drops of lemon
Prepare the ice cream pouring the yogurt into a kitchen mixer, combine the cold cream, the raisins and homogenize all the ingredients.
Transfer the mixture obtained in the ice-cream maker for 30 minutes or until it is time to stabilize and reach the right creaminess. Before switching off the ice cream, add chopped bitterns to the desired amount.
At this point prepare crispy sweet cigars by mounting a whisk with the album, combining a few drops of lemon.
Incorporate sugar and sifted flour, add melted and chilled butter, flavor with vanilla, and mix all well.
Using a spoon, lay on a plate of baked baking sheet of pile jars and spoon the spoon back in rectangular form. Bake in the oven at 200 ° C for 4-5 minutes, when golden on the edges, remove and roll on a wooden stick to get as many cigar-shaped cylinders.
Serve the ice cream in cups first placed in the freezer, garnishing with Amarena Cherry and syrup, fresh mint leaves and inserting the waffles into crisp sweet cigars.
Notes: If the freshly prepared ice cream is very soft, place it in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving. Cooling times depend on the freezer temperature.


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