“Cheesecake” From the Camilla’s “Archcook” blog Doses each 2 glasses height 10cm – diameter 6cm 250gr of Ricotta cheese 50gr of Refined Sugar 2 medium eggs 6 Digestive cookies 30gr of Toschi blueberries in syrup Procedure: Sift the Ricotta cheese Separate yolks from egg whites Whip up the yolks with sugar Beat the egg whites till stiff First add Ricotta cheese to the yolks mixing well, then add the beaten egg whites being careful to blend delicately in the same way from downwards to upwards Crumble the cookies up with the hands to form the first layer at the base of the glass Add the cream and leave the cake to rest inside the fridge for 15 minutes Make the blueberries drip Cover the cream’s surface which will have turned compact, then add to taste a teaspoon of blueberries’ syrup Garnish with a mint leaf Store in the fridge at least for an hour before serving.