Black forest dessert

Components Chocolate sponge cake Crème Chantilly Toschi Amarena cherries Toschi Nocello syrup mix Creamy chocolate filling Grated chocolate Creamy chocolate filling 250 g pastry cream 250 g dark cooking chocolate 300 g whipped cream 100 g softened/melted butter To prepare Creamy chocolate filling Melt the chocolate at 40° and add to the pastry cream, add the softened/melted butter then add the whipped cream. Ingredient chocolate sponge cake 500 g eggs 350g sugar 350g flour 35g cocoa powder 70g melted butter 15g honey To prepare chocolate sponge cake Warm the eggs, sugar and honey then beat until they are frothy. Add the sieved flour and the chocolate powder and finally, drizzle in the melted butter. Place the mix in a buttered mould and cook at 170°C for about 20-25 minutes. Ingredients Nocello Syrup mix 125 g Syrup (60% water, 40% sugar, brought to the boil) 50 g Toschi Nocello 100 g Water To assemble the Black forest dessert Cut the chocolate sponge cake horizontally into three layers. Moisten the bottom layer with the Nocello syrup mix, then spread on the creamy chocolate filling and place the second layer of cake on top. Moisten the second layer of cake with the Nocello mix and heap on a generous layer of crème Chantilly, top with a layer of well-drained Amarena cherries and place the third layer of cake on top. Decorate the cake with crème Chantilly and grated chocolate.