Ingredients for brittle basket:
Sugar 1000 gr.
Walnuts 500 gr.
Hazelnuts 500 gr.
To prepare the brittle basket: Melt the sugar on the stovetop until it caramelizes, then add the walnuts and hazelnuts and mix well. Spread the nut and caramel mixture onto a greased surface and work into the desired shape of your choice.
Ingredients for Nocello mousse:
Milk 1 litre
Sugar 180 gr.
Egg yolks 6
Vanilla as needed
Nocello Toschi 200 gr.
Gelatin leaves 30 gr.
Fresh cream 1 litre
To prepare the Nocello mousse: In a saucepan, pour the milk and the Nocello Toschi and bring to a boil. Whip the eggs together with the sugar and vanilla and add to the milk and Nocello. Let cook for about 3 minutes and remove from heat. In the meantime, soften the gelatin leaves in cold water and remove; set them aside. Softly whip the cream and add all the ingredients together. Mix everything delicately. Take your finished brittle basket and place alternate layers of mousse and sponge cake soaked in Nocello Toschi inside the mould. Garnish to your liking.


  • Nocello Nocello is available in 700ml bottle and also as a special gift packing.