Sacher dough Butter 200g Plain chocolate 200g Cocoa paste 50g Eggyolks 250g Egg150g Sugar 100g Albumen 225g Flour 100g Almond flour 100g Procedure Whip the egg yolks, the eggs and the sugar (100 g). Meanwhile whip the albumens with the remaining sugar as well. Mix in the butter, the chocolate and the cocoa, which are melted together. Mix in half of the whipped albumens, the flour and the remaining albumens. Bake in moulds greased with butter at 180° for about 30-35 minutes. Glaze for Sacher Cream 125 g Syrup 30° be 50 g Glucose 25 g Surrogatedark 300g Plain chocolate 80g Procedure Boil the cream, the syrup and the glucose. Break into small pieces and add the surrogate dark and the plain chocolate. Cut into two halves the cake, fill it with Toschi Extra apricot jam, reassemble the cake and coat it with the glaze.


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