Crepes with chocolate mousse with blueberries

INGREDIENTS for 8 crepes: 1 medium egg 60 g of flour 20 g of cocoa powder 160 g of milk 1 teaspoon of sugar A knob of butter INGREDIENTS FOR THE COLD WITH BLUEBERRY MOUSSE: 200 g of blueberries Toschi 150 g of cold cream 10 ice cubes A handful of dried peppermint DECORATING: Blueberries in syrup Toschi PROCEDURE: For the crepes: In a bowl beat the egg with the flour and milk, beating with a whisk and add the cocoa and sugar. Let the batter rest in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Heat a knob of butter in a frying pan with a diameter of 20 cm where it swung a little bit of dough to coat the bottom well and cook on both sides and let it cool crepes obtained. For the cold blueberry mousse: In the bowl of a blender combine blueberries and ice, blend for a couple of seconds, add the mint, cream and operate the robot back to emulsify the ingredients well. You will get a creamy frothy. Add a handful of blueberries and mix. For the final assembly: spread a large spoonful of froth on the surface of each pancake, close the crepes in half and then in half again to obtain a triangle. Decorate the surface with other foam and a spoonful of blueberries with their syrup. Recipe taken from the blog "Softly-salty" by Ylenia Vitale