Veal tenderloin with Lambrusco wine together with aubergine pie

Ingredients for 4 people 600 g veal fillet 200 g fresh cream 100 g mini green apples Toschi 50 g grapes Toschi 3 g salt 1 g pepper 100 cc bottom of veal 8 basilic leaves 2 red tomatoes 2 egg whites 1 Lambrusco glass 1 long eggplant 1 buffalo mozzarella Fry the fillet of veal in a skillet on both sides, flame it with Lambrusco and finish cooking in the oven. Skip the eggplants in a pan with salt and pepper. Pass to mixer and add the egg whites and then the cream, cook the mixture in the molds in water bath in oven at 100 degrees for 60 minutes. Cut the buffalo mozzarella into slices and leave to marinate with basil leaves cut very thini and extra virgin olive oil. After marinating in balsamic vinegar the mini green apples and the grapes, add grapes to the reduction of Lambrusco. Finally add the mini green apples and also the bottom of veal, until the right consistency. Cut in dices the skinless tomato and season with olive oil, salt and pepper with fresh basil. Place the scallop fillet in the dish with eggplant flan with marinated tomatoes and burrata above. Add the sauce over the meat scallop.


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