Sponge fingers and Fragolì

Finger biscuits: Ingredients Albumen 360 g Sugar 300 g Eggyolks 240 g Flour 300 g Sponge finger preparation Whip the albumens with the sugar, meanwhile whip the egg yolks and mix them in the mix delicately, at last mix in the sifted flour. Model some sponge fingers on wax paper by using a sac a poche having a 1,2 cm. diameter. Dust it with a lot of icing sugar. Bake it at 200° C for about 8-10 minutes. Custard cream: Milk 360 g Cream 100 g Sugar 150 g Egg yolks 120 g (6 yolks) ½ vanilla bean Soft butter 50 g Custard cream preparation Bring milk and vanilla to the boil, pour them on the egg yolks, the sugar and the flour, which have been already whipped. Cook it at 85° C for about one minute. Mix in the soft butter when the custard is tepid. Leave the custard to cool before modelling it on the sponge finger. Soak a sponge finger with Fragolì sauce, which is made by bringing to the boil 200 g water with 100 g sugar and mixing in 80 g Fragolì, when it is cold. Model the custard cream on it by using a sac a poche with small notched mouth, then cover it with another well soaked sponge finger. Decorate with custard cream and Fragolì, liqueuer with whole wild strawberries.


  • Fragolì Liqueur available in 500ml and 700ml bottles, and also as a gift packing.