Crepés with fiordilatte ice cream, Fragolì, cherries and Toschi fruit in alcohol

Ingredients for 4 people 4 thin crepés 4 tulip of little pasta 60 g Cane Sugar Toschi 10 g Butter 50 g Orange juice 10 g Lemon juice 3 Orange peel 4 cl Fragolì Toschi 2 cl Rum i 4 Vignola CherriesToschi  12 Grapes al liquore Toschi 8 Sour cherries Toschi Put the sugar cane Sugarville in the pan and prepare the caramel. Stopping the caramelisation with butter mixing it with the orange peel. Combine the lemon juice and orange juice, stirring to obtain a homogeneous sauce. Place the crepes in the pan and place in four to bending fan sprinkling with sauce. Prepare the tulips with fruit in spirit into the dishes. Flame with Rum and Fragolì Toschi, the liqueur with whole wild strawberries. Place the crepes on the plate and raise a flap to include fiordilatte ice cream Toschi and sour cherries. Close and put the sauce again.