Fragolì crêpes

Components Crêpes Fragolì pastry cream Fragolì to garnish Crêpes 120g eggs 100g flour 250g milk 10g sugar 15g Toschi Fragolì Fragolì pastry cream 400g milk 100g fresh cream 150g sugar 120g egg yolk (6) 50g flour 40g Toschi Fragolì To prepare the Crêpes Mix together the flour, sugar and eggs, add the milk a little at a time and then add the. Mix and pass through a sieve to remove any lumps. Cook the crêpes in a non-stick frying pan. To make the Fragolì pastry cream Bring the milk to the boil and pour it onto the egg yolks, sugar and flour after beating them together. Cook at 85°C for about a minute. Let the mixture cool and add the Fragolì. Stuff the crêpes!


  • Fragolì Liqueur available in 500ml and 700ml bottles, and also as a gift packing.