Mojito Menta Syrup

Toschi has always been a market leader as for syrups; a well-known brand and its high quality products have ensured Toschi’s success in all these years. Toschi syrups, available in 13 different flavours, are ideal for fresh-tasting drinks, icicles, water ices, shakes and long drinks. New bottles are available starting from 2010. After a restyling process, the new bottles are now more modern and convenient, and they have a handy grip. Toschi syrups respect the environment; bottles use 30% of recycled glass, and are 100% recyclable. The labels and cardboard boxes are made with recycled paper. Toschi syrups are available in 740g bottles. THE PRODUCT IS GLUTEN-FREE AND IS REGISTERED IN THE CODEX OF THE ITALIAN COELIAC DISEASE ASSOCIATION (AIC)


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