Fruttalux is ideal for fruit and vegetable salads, as well as for cakes with fresh fruits, fruit skewers and cocktails.

Fruttalux for fruits
To obtain an excellent fruit salad, cut fresh fruit and add Fruttalux in the doses recommended. It necessary, dilute the product with some water, so that it is easier to distribute it evenly. For fruit skewers, Fruttalux may be brushed or sprayed directly on fruits.
Fruttalux helps keeping fruit inviting, also to serve it with chocolate fondue.

Fruttalux for fruit cakes
After laying fresh fruit on the cake, brush it with 80g of Fruttalux, then cover the cake with gelatin as usual.

Fruttalux for vegetables
Dilute about 70g of Fruttalux in 1lt of water and dip cut vegetables in water.

Fruttalux for cocktails
To obtain cocktails with fresh fruit, we recommend whisking fruit adding Fruttalux.



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