Celiac disease is a permanent food allergy to gluten found in food products.
Gluten is a proteic complex found in some cereals (wheat, rye, barley, spelt and other products).

Toschi is ever careful to the needs of its gluten – allergic products:

That is the reason why the majority of its products is gluten-free, and are included in the list for the Italian Association for Celiac disease.

The only products that are not GLuten Free, for gluten presence or possible contamination during processing with products containing gluten, are:
- Babà Classico and Babà with Lemoncello
- Topping 1 kg BCaramel Beurre Salè

And for Toschi la Gelateria line:

- Variegate Black Cookie
- Variegate Caramel Salted Butter
- Caramel Salted Butter Paste